We (hubby & I) managed to get some pesty stuff accomplished yesterday. I call it pesty because it was yucky and time-consuming….and well, I just hate doing that sort of thing. Since Gavin moved, we’ve had a huge mess….both upstairs in his room and downstairs in our family room. The only way I can describe it is that it looked like Jesus had returned and we just got up and left!


I couldn’t move any of it. It was depressing. Overwhelming. I looked at the piles and all I could think was, “Where, where am I going to put this?”. Then I’d just walk away feeling stressed. This has gone on a few weeks. 🙁

I would just close his door. That’d help, right?

No, I knew it was still there. Boo! (No fair!)

Yesterday, we just jumped in and got started. I even confessed to hubby as I stood there looking around…… I feel overwhelmed! He said, “Then walk out!”.

So, I started slowly. I cleaned the bathroom. While I was rinsing out my washrag, I noticed a frame of photos on his wall. The first picture was of him in NICU as an infant. He was sucking hard on a little pacifier and looking ever so intently (Deep in thought….cause that’s how my boy is, he’s a thinker!). Beside that he’s proudly sharing a celebration with us at school for making straight A’s (we all look happy and young). Another he’s on his bike all decked out in a sports jersey and smiling (cause he’s a happy kid like that, everyday!). Every single photo held a sweet memory and reminded me of how precious he is to me.

I had no idea just how precious. I called his dad in to look. He couldn’t talk about it. He knows. He feels much like I do. He just chooses to toughen up and carry on. {He told me, you don’t know how hard it is to keep myself from calling him a hundred times a day!?!} I thought, yes…..yes I do! 🙂

I’m his mom.

With the room finished….everything packed away (not his stuff, just the piles of junk) and all cleaned up, I showered and headed to bed. As I fell into my covers, I had this overwhelming feeling of calm. I felt this happy peace. It came so fast and I couldn’t help but smile and say, “Thank you God”! I haven’t felt this way in a long time. It was glorious!

Then, hubby comes in asking about the camera. It was lost!

{REMEMBER, we’ve cleaned out tons of stuff and thrown bakoodles of boxes away!}

Eeek! I jumped up and started searching everywhere. Garage, boxes of stuff, every counter surface in our house. It was NOWHERE to be found! Goodbye sweet peace. Welcome back normal crazy-dazy! 🙂

This morning when I opened my eyes, I thought about some of his stopping spots as we worked yesterday. (Cause he had the camera last) I remembered he had gone to his car to look for his drill. So, I put on my robe and ran out there. Searched all over the backseat, floorboard and front. Opened the trunk and found a million boxes of computer junk….fumbled through many of them and VOILA!!!

I can feel peace again…….

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