Hiding from Grandma

I know what you’re thinking but don’t. I’m not really hiding out from any of the grandma’s in my life. I don’t have any left actually. If I did, I’d gladly hang out with them. I’m just fresh off of a student threat. Seems his defense to my calling him on dropping the “F” bomb was to rip up his papers and throw them….then as he exited the room he yelled, “I’m calling my Grandma and she’s coming up here to kick your old _ss!!”.


So, here’s the deal. I’m definitely not tango-ing with grandma! He was rotten mad. The poor dude has already been in enough trouble {word is….he’s served time}!! Great balls of fire, I love my job!!! Luckily, the rest of the class spoke up and declared they “had my back”! I’m feeling the love…thanks to them.

It’s been one of those days.

On a good note….

Gavin needed a Physics book for school. He remembered his favorite AP Physics teacher across the hall from me had one. I went over to see and she graciously shared the book and a bit of bonus advice as well. YAY!! Thank you Mrs. R!!

He also took his first quiz in the Physics class! He was one of 5 to make a perfect score out of 250 students! Boohyah! Yeehaw!
You go my smart kid!

And finally…..his scholarship/loan money arrived IN HIS ACCOUNT!!! Double yay! He can pay to live now! Thank goodness!

In spite of my having to live in fear of a butt whoopin from somebody’s grandma…. I’m tickled pink at the ways God has blessed me today.

Oh and look who my girls spent the afternoon & evening with yesterday!!

That’s Jeff Daniels!

He visited our sleepy little town and the drama students had a private meeting with him yesterday before his performance at our very own Park Theatre! His show was great!

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