Just say no

I’m not a breakfast kind of person. Maybe it’s because I’m not a morning person either. Either way, I don’t usually eat anything until a little later most days. This morning, Ally had to be at a meeting by 7:30am. I usually just go on to my classroom and get ready for the day……but today, I thought a McDonald’s run would be a great idea!


It was not! I have been paying the price ever since with a killer stomach ache! What is in that food? {No, don’t tell me!} I ordered a Chicken Biscuit and a Mocha Frappe. It’s destroyed all that was good and holy within my being. Talk about gack?! I couldn’t even eat lunch when it was time. Now, I’m starving!

I’m crusading a new motto to morning fast food stops!


I miss you gallbladder! When you were with me, high fat foods didn’t make me nearly this sick.
RIP, old friend.

I’m not in any way trying to trash talk McDonald’s! The golden arches and it’s delicious food will forever be a part of my family’s menu. I can’t just walk away that easy… 😉

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