Those crazy dreams

I have this wild overactive mind! At night, it keeps on going. I have some of the craziest dreams. I’m serious! When I wake up, even I shake my head and say, “Did I just dream that?”. If I share it with my friends or family, they always make a crack at me and confirm…”You are crazy!”. 🙂

I’ll give you a few examples of what a night in my head can look like. Be warned, I’m a little weird (if you hadn’t picked up on that already!).

Dream #1
Hubby and I are living in a Victorian Bed-n-Breakfast. It’s also a favorite “nice” restaurant. We slept in too late and IN OUR BEDROOM is the largest dining table of the place. I’m in my nightgown and the hostess lets in a large party of people to this table IN MY ROOM and I’m standing there (as their server) IN MY NIGHTGOWN!!! I spend the next few minutes trying to convince someone else to go take their drink orders so as to not have to do it in my nightgown beside my UNMADE bed!
Can you say nightmare?
I woke up totally stressed out, ya’ll! Plus, I’ve never waitressed a day in my life! Yikes!!

Dream #2
I’m riding in the front seat of a car. I’m turned around talking to two women whom I highly love and respect. Both of them are openly startled by my bad breath! So much so that they both throw their hands over their own faces to block my poisonous fumes!
Talk about freaked out? I went straight to the toothbrush when my eyes opened from that pillow horror! And I worried all day…that it would come true!

Dream #3
That I was sent to be a contestant on Wipeout!
Oh I kid! This would never be a dream for me….possibly a sick twisted nightmare!!

But for real…..I have to be the wackiest dreamweaver known to mankind. I don’t eat weird stuff before bed and I don’t drink alcohol. So, what is it about me and these crazy dreams? If you know….do share! Now, pardon me….I have to go switch the channel. Wipeout is on and my husband is laughing his head off at every busted head scene! Ewww, heebee-jeebees!

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