I love weekends!

Everybody knows how I feel about Friday’s. It’s no secret! I’m a girl in love with everything about Friday. I look at it as a day of hope. I hope for good things to come over the weekend. I hope the weekend doesn’t end too soon. I hope to savour every moment with my family. I just hope for fun and relaxation. And, I usually get it!

And don’t even get me started about how I feel for football season! Yeehaw! I love it!

I’m so excited today because my Sweetboy is coming home. I will be cooking up some yummy foods and hugging on him every chance I get. {Sorry dude! It’s a mom thing!} There’s no telling what we’ll do for fun other than eating and hanging out. On Sunday, Gavin’s going to the Colts game with one of his roommates. Lucky! We’ll be home biting our nails cheering them on from the leather sofa that usually occupies all our bodies. {For the love of Pete….COLTS, please play hard!!!} 🙂 Last weekend was painful! But, we still did our part in football celebrating!

Here’s some photo’s that make me smile.

My girls and I all geared up for some football!

My baby with her daddy!

Our view as we crossed the river into Louisville last weekend!

My girls with their very best friends at the high school cross country invitational.
Gates, Taylor, Brad, Ally & Christian

Whatever you’re up to this weekend….I hope it’s fun and family filled! Be safe!

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