Homecoming Week

This week has been one big celebration. It always is in the “high school” world. Each day, students and staff play along dressing the part for whatever the theme is of the day. Today is black-out day (everyone is wearing all black). Yesterday, it was class colors and teacher’s could wear their jeans!! Staff wearing jeans is a big deal to us (we rarely get such a privilege!!). So, a tip o’ the hat to you dear administration for allowing us to wear them! 😉

Tomorrow, is the PEP RALLY! We only have a select number of those too. My Miss Ally is in charge of the whole shebang! I mean, SHE IS THE PLANNER, SHOPPER, JOB HANDER-OUTTER, LEADER AND CREATOR of all that is awesome for the school’s pep rally! PRESSURE? Oh yea! But it couldn’t be in better hands! She is a natural leader and has that anal personality to boot! I don’t know why, but I woke up all tensed up and worried about it this morning. I guess it’s normal (I’m anal by nature too) and I had to push back any feelings of angst! I feel confident that she’s got this! It’s just my own wackiness! Pray for me! :0

In true mamarazzi fashion, I have picture’s of some of the fun so far this week. I’ll be sure to let you know how the pep rally goes.

Movie Star day (Twilight characters)

Parade day (Homecoming court candidates) Taylor & Michael

Powderpuff football game mania

Senior girls on BlackOut day

Underclassmen in black

I don’t remember Homecoming being this much fun. But then again, I’m a crusty old lady. I feel extra thankful that I get to be a part of my own teenager’s fun at school. I hope all this excitement boosts our football players to a win Friday night! That’d be a sweet topping to a super cool week! GO PANTHERS!!! 🙂

Me Blackin out the stars too!

My two favorite high school punks

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