If you could picture

If only you could feel the cool weather in a picture! After several weeks of disgusting heat (AND NO RAIN), we awoke to the most beautiful cool breeze. It was like a million degrees yesterday and my car airconditioner decided it was finished trying to help out. It waved goodbye to me earlier in the week (it even stuck it’s tongue out)…..and yes, I’m bitter! 😉

But today……oh my how I love thee, fall!

We’re sprucing up a little around the G-way house; laundry, clean sheets, rearranging junk, working on cars and washing rugs. Later we’re heading to Bloomington to cheer on the IU football game. Gavin is celebrating with the BSU ministry by hosting a christian tailgating party by the stadium.

We’re crashing! That’s how we roll (when we score tickets, anyway!).
Maybe he won’t notice! hehe!

I read a scripture last night that grabbed me by the shoulder’s and shook me. For the last few weeks, life has been a little “hectic” for both my girls and I at school. All of it over standing up to some bully behavior (I wish I could say….DON’T DO IT! but, I will always stand up for someone being mistreated!! and by the looks of it, so will my kids!) Halleluiah!!

You see, people don’t want you pointing out their sin wrongdoings! They want you to accept what they do as ok. All families are not living biblical or spiritual lifestyles. The more I see and hear from young people (students) the more my heart breaks for them. This is a tough time in our world to grow up. What bugs me most? Parents who have no moral compass or boundaries that TEACH their kids to have the same.


After seeing the wrong-doers treated as “the victims” the last few weeks….my heart had started to harden and my mind (my own personal battlefield) had begun to think mean thoughts towards them. It was really bothering me! Even though, we seemed to be the focus for standing up to bullying (thank you adults who reinforce poor behavior)….it made me mad! And honestly, I wished God would “handle” them! His way, not mine! 😉

Then last night…….Ohhhhh last night! Something really special happened to the ringleader of that group! I felt so sad! Why? Because I’ve seen it happen time and time again. Our society rewards bad behavior! Don’t believe me? Look at the many pop stars that do unthinkable things or say/sing filth! Then look at the flashy lives and heaps of money WE give them!! Still not convinced? Watch what reality shows pop up after someone has made a poor choice in their life. We GIVE these people positive credit for the garbage in their lives. WE DO IT!!!

I really felt compelled to post a crummy comment on my Facebook status (yes, I’m so mature!! NOT). See, how wicked my own flesh is? When I logged on, the Proverbs 31 ladies had a little something just for me.
“A fool vents all his feelings, but a wise man holds them back.” Proverbs 29:11

I’m working on my heart! I really am!

Tell me, do you have trouble with stopping yourself from saying what you REALLY want to say? If you do, how do you keep yourself from doing it? I could use some sister love here!

I am praying for the people mentioned in this post! Yes, it’s hard to do…..but I don’t want to feel upset with them. And I’d love nothing more than to see them WANT TO DO THE RIGHT THING from here on out!

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