Why I Hate Mondays

1) They bust up a perfectly good weekend, everytime! 🙁

2) The alarm seems to go off earlier than the law should allow. Evil!

3) Everyone knows, Monday’s stink!

4) It’s a big fat reminder that you still have ALL WEEK to go before the weekend arrives. Grr!

5) It’s like starting over on “kid” wakeup. They seem to forget after 2 days of sleeping in.

6) Work seems to drag on forever on Monday’s.

7) My little dog Miss Lizzy gets depressed. We spend the weekend together and then BOOM it’s back to her solo life at home.

8) Traffic gets jumbled up for all the people who have important something anothers to do.

9) Students come dragging into class and the enthusiasm is null!

10) Because I think they’re over-rated!

Help me love Mondays.


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