Oh No!

We just refuse to be a normal family! It’s either ALL THEY WAY crazy or not at all!

Over a week ago, two of our cats went “missing”! We have a problem with racoons in our area and assumed that had been their fate. Then, it was practically confirmed when one night this past week…..I stumbled upon 3 of Indiana’s largest & bravest coons ever on my back porch! They didn’t even bother taking off when I walked up to the glass door {freaking out} that they were RIGHT THERE eating our cats food!!!

Hubby went tearing up Gavin’s room in search of .22 bullets (he didn’t find them, by the way) to eliminate our cat killing/cat food stealing problem(s). Don’t worry, they all 3 safely got away! Thanks to the great bullet search of 2010! All I know is….they’ve gotten 2 + 3 which = 5 of our cats in the last month (no, we’re NOT cat freaks….our cat had a litter) and we had to do something.

Forward to last night at 11:00pm. I open the glass door to let our Miss Lizzy dog out to potty and right there is a little ugly opossum, eating…you guessed it….THE CAT FOOD! I squeal, he looks at me and continues to munch on down. Hubby snaps into action and grabs A BEE-BEE GUN!! Yes, we are a plethora of danger at our house! He shoots at it…..Lil possum hisses and shows us his sharp teeth! Yikes, scary…even from a little dude! He begins to walk away, sorta. Hubby shoots at him again. He stops and does his warning hiss and teeth trick again. Slowly he’s moving along….all the while hubby is sending him the stings of little bee-bees. Obviously, none of which were hurting him.

I leave the scene. I’m not the type to enjoy a good opossum torture (again, this fella wasn’t worrying). Minutes later, hubby calls me to “COME QUICK”!! I run to the door and there he is with our 2 missing cats!! They’ve been missing for a week! Both are skinny and starving! I say, “What? Where were they?”. He tells me…..words I never wanted to hear! “IN THE BARN!!!” THE LOCKED BARN!!! My heart sank! I wanted to cry! I felt so sick!

Wouldn’t you?

Oh my! Last Saturday, he worked out in the yard all day. He opened the barn to get out the mower, blower, weedeater and yard tools. When he finished, he closed it all up and never thought a thing about it. I can’t blame him in anyway. I didn’t think of anything like that happening. I simply assumed that those darn cat killing racoons had been the reason our cats were missing. 🙁
The poor thing’s were starving! Skin & bones, starving!
If it’s going to happen and be over the top bonkers…..it’s going to happen to us!

Don’t judge us. We really do love all of our animals! This was just a terrible accident.

Help us! We can’t get out of our own way somedays. Forgive us for making such a terrible error.
Thank you for saving our cats from a death of starvation thanks to our mistake. You care about
even the little things and I am living proof. And thank you for that little opposum who led us to our crying cats!

Have a great weekend, friends & family. We have busy plans for the entire weekend. The big one? Ally is taking the SAT! Please pray for her!

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