Out of The Frying Pan, Into the Oven

Last night was the BIG SHOW! After weeks of practice and hours of rushing from one activity to another….the girls have successfully gotten through their drama club show. It was really cool. Like last year, they had it set-up as a dessert/coffee bar evening. {Think dinner theatre} YUM!

Both girls had great roles. Gates played the Gretel Goodietwoshoes character who was on trial for the murder of Winifred Witch (poor girl). Ally was the insecure guidance counselor Mildred McTwee (who looked a tad frazzled, I might add). Every character cracked me up. The students were fantastic!

Way to go, JCHS Drama Club! And Mrs. Jarboe! (Such a creative lady)

Herlock Sholmes & Ms McTwee

Dad, Gates & Gavin

College dude sticks around & helps with LEAVES!! I <3 Indiana!

What a great weekend! Hope yours was even better! 😉

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