Cookin it up…

Because my house will be full the entire weekend….I’m heading to the grocery store this afternoon. I’ve been scavenging all over the internet for yummy recipes that will help me fill up hungry people. I’ve even forced my school BFF Betsy to hand over her “secret” Potato Soup recipe! I can’t wait to put that dude together. It’s delicious.

I love having a full house. But I hate not being prepared with good meals. I have a problem, I’m anal about most everything. I try and try to be normal. Yea, it never works. The weekend is full and so is my heart. Not only is it Ally’s choir show weekend….my baby, Gates is turning sweet 16 on Tuesday! 😉

I love my life. I’m so very blessed!

If you have something fantastic to share that feeds hungry people and puts big smiles on their faces!

Please share!

Here are some of my ideas so far:

Spaghetti ( I know my guys love this )
Chicken Pot Pie
Betsy’s Potato Soup
Turnip Green Soup

I need stuff that will feed the multitudes. I can’t stand to see anyone go hungry! hehe

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