What’s missing?

Twice this week, Ally (my high school senior) forgot her cellphone at home. Every bit of communication between us is done through these phones. I felt bad for her the first time but didn’t think it too big a deal when she did it again yesterday. We were together much of the day….so she just borrowed mine when she needed a phone.

You just don’t realize how much you need something until it’s gone. Right?

Guess who peeled out this morning without her cellphone? Yep, ME!!! 😉

I’ve been a big pile of crazy ever since. The wild part is that I don’t even THINK I use it very much. But, when I need it….I usually have it. I needed to reach Ally (who is not at school during Blue day mornings) but I couldn’t remember her cell number. Duh! I had to call my husband’s phone and have him relay my message the old fashioned way. Oh the preposterous!

Does this sort of thing ever happen to you? Do you forget something and then feel like you’re not going to make it without it all day?

Darn you satan. Bug off, this is my Friday and you’re not going to mess it up!

Have a great weekend, friends!

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