TSA Gone Safe or Nasty?

I know this is very controversial right now. But, I just can’t believe how ridiculous it is! What in the world? WHY? Why is it necessary to do such invasive procedures to people? I’m not the least bit interested in A) Having a NUDE scan of my body taken for the whole flippin world to see. Or B) Having a stranger grope me up and down with their hands in front of all the other passengers waiting their turn at the yuckfest! Both just creep me out! And I think it should creep you out too!

Listen, the “terrorist” are NOT flying with their little children or teen daughters to see Grandma in south Florida! They are pretty much young male Muslims with a little different flight plan in mind. What is this….ROCKET SCIENCE? I’m a small-brained mama living in Indiana that probably doesn’t operate on half the brain juice as these folks making such decisions. But, seriously! How does this make sense?

I have an idea. How about INVASIVELY probing the suspected criminals who try to fly and leave the rest of us alone! I’m more than perturbed about this. I’ve gone through my own “possible” experience over and over in my mind….which would I do? I don’t want to do either! And, I certainly do not want to allow either of my teen daughters to have to either. Hello? A NAKED PICTURE OF YOUR TEENAGE DAUGHTERS PLASTERED ON THE WEB???!!! {You do realize, people are pretty icky…right?} I don’t want to hear a word about how these images are deleted and not used for anything else. YEAH, RIGHT!!!

I’m baffled and aggrevated! I think this has gone too far. I’m all for a safe America. I’m also for protecting people who fly. I know that people are looking for ways to kill and hurt Americans (and sometimes it’s even Americans that want to do bad things!). But, come on people! Stop the madness!

Thank you dear government. I feel so much safer now. 🙁

Oh and another thought. Who knows if these scanners are physically safe? Isn’t it a little daunting to think that you could be PAYING them to make you sick? Yea, that’d be icing on the traveling cake!

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