Stuff I like

It’s certainly getting to be the holiday season. The weather, the tv ads, the blog goodies being offered and the time off with the family. I’m always finding stuff I love and that I know my girls would love too. We have a thing for purty stuff. 🙂

This Christmas, you may be like me and looking for ways to bless other’s without breaking the bank. Personally, I love gifts that have meaning. I love to give and receive that kind. It means more, right? Fun stuff makes me happy too. I want to share some goodies that I’ve discovered out in internet-ville.

Hot drink recipes

Pinecone Firestarter Basket

An awesome jewelry giveaway

Oh Lisa Leonard is having a GIVEAWAY!

I spent quite a while finding fun links with great goodies but my computer decided to do a little crashing. Boo! So I lost much of my post. Sorry! But these are all great ways to get in the Christmas spirit and start planning for some giving ideas. Enjoy!

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