Just Say NO!

There are things in life that we must learn the hard way. Me, I like to learn just about everything the hard way. From A to Z, I could go down the list and just check em off. By the time I reach Z, I’m past my coping limit. I turn to what every bummed out frazzled mom does, crawling in my bed and pulling the covers over me. 🙁

I know it’s a week to focus on thankfulness….but I am scraping the bottom of the barrel here. I know I have so much to be thankful for and I AM THANKFUL. Believe me, people….I am eternally grateful for so much in my life. But I’m having a mindboggling time with accepting chronic financial and emotional stress.

I know that God has everything in control….yet I struggle to deal with the black and white of my everyday. I feel so crummy about it. The biggest frustration is that I often feel so wigged out that I miss out on loving my family to my best ability. I’ve always tried to be the best wife and mom to my family…..but for the last few years I just feel zapped!

I feel robbed. I can only imagine how they feel.

Do you ever feel like that?

Here’s my “learned the hard way” friendly advice:

1) Don’t hop on the scales when your college age son & husband are having a weigh-in contest to see who’s the biggest! Uhh, no further comment! Depressing!

2) Don’t look at a text message on your way to the grocery store from your hubby that says…..”Hey, the bank account is -bazillion…shop wisely!”. Whaaaaaa? Oh yea, Happy Thanksgiving to me!

3) Don’t take a couple days off from work and think stuff won’t be piled to Jesus when you get back! Boo, to sorting a million different assignments and class papers! 🙁

4) Don’t go to the dentist for a cleaning and let them do x-rays. Finding 3 different (yes, I’ve had pain) cavities to have filled hurt more than laying with my head on the floor for an hour while the dental expert asked me a million personal questions!! Good times!

5) Don’t take the call from a fellow teacher that has incriminating news about one of your kids! You’ll realize….they’re not perfect and neither are you!

6) Don’t tell a fellow castmember who insults you very openly that they hurt your feelings. Some people can’t handle being called on poor behavior! I learn so slow, ya’ll!

7) Don’t snap at your kids when they really just want to have a conversation with you. Or argue with them. Yuck!

8) Don’t post your stress or frustrations on Facebook. People don’t have time to deal with your problems too. Plus, it gives fodder to gossip. Not good!

9) Don’t stay up too late on work nights. No matter what you think…you will always feel awful the next morning.

10) Don’t forget to tell the people you love how you feel about them. Or to let them know when you need prayer. 😉

This advice is of course customized to me. But I bet you can relate to something I’ve said. Life has bumps, it’s complicated. People are flawed. We goof! But God….He never does.


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