A Word to the Flu

Dear Flu Invasion of 2010,

Take the hint! We don’t want you around anymore! You were not welcomed here in the first place. But, since you insisted on “hanging” around….could you move along now? It’s been a few days since I’ve seen real clothes, eaten normal food and spoken to actual PEOPLE! Well, people that weren’t hugging toilets or laying on the bathroom floor moaning anyway. 🙁 {Poor Miss Gates!}

I’m on my 3rd sick day away from work. I feel completely messed up. I’m not one to “call in” sick. It makes me feel stressed to be home when I know someone else is there trying to figure out my job. Crazy, I know. That’s just how I am [ANAL]! I’ve not had the actual flu that Gates has been suffering with…I’ve been sick with the head cold stuff. A whole different kind of misery. She barfs, I try to aid her and together we have to yell for help from THE DAD (when he was available). Oh the lovely!

The weather here is incredibly cold too. So, staying warm and dry is high on my priority list. Hard to do when you have a REALLY sick kid that can’t control WHAT’S HAPPENING!! 🙁

I’m hoping she’s on the end of her suffering today. I can work with my sinus’ acting crazy and my head pounding. I just can’t force puny to walk the halls of that great big school when she can’t get from her bed to the bathroom right now. I’m praying for some energy boosters to pick her back up quick.

In the meantime…..I’ve got to get back on duty!


Ok, Flu Invasion Monster?

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