What’s a little Salvia?

I would bet that by now you’ve seen the latest awesome video put out starring Miley Cyrus. If you haven’t, you will if you turn on any entertainment or news channel. They all seem to be airing it and scratching their heads (WOW) at the ridiculousness of it. The first time I caught wind of it was on Anderson Cooper’s 360 show on CNN. He was doing a great job of portraying it as “crazy” on his famous RidicuList segment. Again, WOW!

Now, I’ve been doing a little reading and I have to say…..Salvia may be labeled as an herb and “legal”. But who in their RIGHT MIND is smoking that junk? IDIOTS, that’s who! Duh! Are you kidding me? I’m thinking someone might want to jump in here and possibly do a little parenting. Girlfriend is not capable of making good decisions.

Can you say, H E L P ??

It just makes me sick to see another pop star conforming to her surroundings. Isn’t anyone watching out for these kids? As a mom, it makes me feel stressed to the max and it’s not even my kid. Somebody needs to help Miley before it’s another…..Britney, Lindsay, Paris AKA The Party Girls. Seriously, ya’ll.

This video isn’t even shocking to most people. Behavior such as this has become the norm. I’ve heard some defending her actions based on the fact that she’s 18! Huh? Are you for real? Come on! Miley Cyrus may be 18….but she’s still just a kid. And Silvia is junk! Not something healthy to put into your body.

Crazy town!

Interested in Salvia? Go here and read up on this legal herb! Err, yea!

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