Let the snow days begin…

Today is snow day #3! 🙁 While I’m a huge fan of all things having to do with free time and pj’s….I’m not one to love an extra long school year. I think I’ve said it before, I LOVE SUMMER BREAK!! As of now, we’ve eaten up our 2 built in make-up days and are now on the count for extra days added onto the end of the school year. BIG FAT BOO!!!

I don’t want to sound like a big baby complainer. I actually enjoy staying up too late and sleeping in the next day. It’s just the later thing that gets me. Oh I’ll be all indignant come JUNE! Trust me, I’m capable of getting a real whiny attitude when we’re plugging along on the dead days of “gotta make em up” time. Can you say, baby?

I will admit. It’s so beautiful outside my windows that I can’t stop peering out. Every single flake of snow gets me excited. It has to be my Florida girl roots. I never get tired of seeing it (I say that now). Snow is just gorgeous!

Now we begin to try to balance out catching cabin fever. Since we’re on the strict budget (umm, the DO NOT SPEND A PENNY BUDGET!)…shopping is but a dream. I’m trying to figure out ways to keep my family from going bonkers. Cooking, cleaning and playing on Facebook are starting to make even me feel kooky!

If you can imagine that… 🙂

I’ll post some pictures soon. Woke up to a dead battery!

One more thing. I just put the LAST garbage bag in the can. EEEK! Either we will have to make a Walmart run or else we’re going on throw away lockdown. Haha!

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