Down in the back

For the last few days (luckily 2 of them were snowdays) I’ve been miserable with back pain. Don’t ask what I’ve done to it…..cause I have no explaination. It feels like I’ve pulled it or strained it doing something. The only problem? I can’t recall doing anything so strenuous that I’d be in this position. Crazy!

I’ve been popping the ibuprofen/naproxen sodium day and night. I’ve been glued to the heating pad. Nothing seems to stop the pain. If I move just right, the spasms make me flip out. Really, I’ve never had a back problem. But this is pain overload!

It’s as if I’ve been out shoveling snow! {Which I haven’t!} Hence, my post about scraped driveways yesterday. Oh, last night about 9pm three high school guys came by and offered to clear our driveway for $15. Since my husband was still at work out of town, I took them up on it. Your welcome Honey! 🙂

Too bad this morning it’s covered again. Boo! 🙁

So, I’m using my snowdays to nurse my bad back. Wondering if it’s ever going to stop hurting? Could it be a slipped disc or something? How does that happen anyway? Oh this getting old….really stinks!

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