It’s Monday, Again?

Dang! They just keep sneaking up on me. Monday’s have a way of bugging the mud out of me. No one in my house can seem to fall asleep before 1:00am and then wakeup is like a trainwreck. Everyone feels so tired and grouchy. Yea, we’re a precious family! 😉

I’m excited about the coming week this go around. It’s Winter Homecoming week which means spirit dressup everyday. Students and staff dress accordingly.

Monday: PJ Day (Gee, this is my specialty)
Tuesday: NERD Day (I’m a natural)
Wednesday: CLASS Colors Day
Thursday: HEX Day (John Deere)

Now, to be honest….when I heard Monday was PJ DAY, I totally regretted not owning any of the pajama jeans. Dang, my luck! I should have a pair, right? Well, I don’t. So, I’ll have to dress like a grownup. Which usually means I’ll even have to act like one too. Bummer!

Remember my last post regarding the backache? Well, that turned real ugly on Friday. I went to school (WHICH I SHOULD HAVE NEVER DONE!!) and carefully navigated my way around. By the time 2nd period came, the pain was unbearable. I went down to the staff restroom and ended up stuck there. Let’s just say, once I got down there was no coming up! When I did try to get up the pain was so intense I screamed! A for real scream! Luckily, a sweet innocent bystander (Karen) happened upon me and helped. So embarrassing! She knew exactly what was happening. She had just experienced it herself not long ago.

P I N C H E D N E R V E !!!

She advised me to get out of there PRONTO!! I really appreciated her knowledge and recommendation to get to the doctor immediately. No relief without it. I called my hubby who came lickety split to get me. As I was hugging the wall working my way down to the doors….several students stopped to help me. Did I mention that I couldn’t even breathe? Yea, it was that kind of pain! Finally I made it to the door and NO HUBBY! I clung to the door like it was my only lifeline. Then, it happened. Someone of authority came along and saw me there. Poor Mr. Hack. If he only knew, he would’ve kept right on truckin! But he stopped like the good samaratin he is and stayed with me, even helping me out to the car when hubby arrived. I felt so humiliated!

All I wanted was to be NORMAL again. I’ve spent the weekend doped up on muscle relaxants, cortisone steroids and Tylenol! I’m finally able to breathe again. Yay! But, let me tell you…..that was a wingdinger of a pain in the back!

While I was down and out….I was literally zonked out much of the time. When I was awake, it was as if the medicine was a sort of truth serum. I said things that I wouldn’t normally blurt out. Mean things, insulting things and even crazy things that didn’t make a lick of sense. Also, I would hear things completely opposite of what was actually said. My people were ready to kill me. I could hear questions but making my lips move to respond appropriately, didn’t work! It was so strange!

But, enough about that. I’m feeling so much better. Before I go though….I must ask–Did you know that to sniff up your snot you use your back muscles? Well, you do! I have experience.

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