Snowdays are tough

YEP, this kept me locked down inside all day. I specifically loved the 5am morning wake-up call to tell me STAY HOME! Falling back to sleep after that little taste of startle…indescribable! Ahh, precious times.

Maybe I’m just bitter because I fell asleep during episode #17 from season 1 (yes, I’m watching shows from 2004) of Lost. I’ve been looking forward to some free-time to lounge around in pj’s watching this awesome show. Somehow, my tv snobbery kept me from ever finding the amazingness that is Lost when it was, you know….actually on tv.

I like to think of myself as current.

Guess what? NO SCHOOL again tomorrow. Luckily, we were able to find out in advance. Nice, huh? I have been invited to go to IKEA with my school BFF Betsy and her sisters (and sweet baby Amelia). Only the weather is rather awful.

Darn it, I really love IKEA. But hubby’s right… go if the roads are icy. You’ll find me here with my friends LOST on a deserted island. Either way, my day off looks promising.

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