I think our homecoming week has hit a roadblock! At this very minute, the weather people are shouting loud and clear…..LOTS OF SNOW coming at midnight and lasting through Friday. 🙁

As in, HOMECOMING DAY Friday! Boo!

So, I’m here blogging on my bed surrounded by my teen girls, the dog and daddy trying to sinc new cellphones with old ones. All three of us living as if there will be a NO SCHOOL call in the morning. {It’s 11pm for goodness sakes!}

We’re going to pay bigtime if we have school! 😉

Oh, and since I’m up late throwing caution to the wind….I found a fun little contest over at Barnes & Noble. I don’t want to purchase one of these but if I won it…..oh yea! I’d squeal like a girl! Go check it out for yourself. Signing up is easy! While you’re Nook looking, The Pioneer Woman has her new book available for a free download (an excerpt only) Nook or Kindle. Love her and her cool story!

So, the question is……SNOWDAY or HOMECOMING?

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