Sickness Takedown

Last week was a rotten week for my family! Sickness invaded 3 of the 5 of us. (I was not one of them) Hubby started feeling crummy on Super Bowl Sunday. He lounged around sort of hacking a snotty cough and fever. Then Gates hit rock bottom with a sore throat and a slew of other miserable symptoms. It was an all out attack!

On Monday morning, I received a text from my college boy….and he was feeling horrible! I figured he had the same bug as the other’s and told him to juice up, take some med’s and rest! (I really thought this whole illness stuff would SOON PASS)

By Friday, I was ready to move out. Hubby was still in bed and feeling horrible. Gates was down and couldn’t get up (she’s still glassy-eyed and feeling icky). Gavin came home on Saturday so he could go see the doctor first thing Monday morning. I know he was sick because he messaged me TO COME GET HIM! As in, drive to Bloomington and pick him up.

My boy….is independant and never far from his car. I knew not to dilly-dally! He needed “home”! Hubby talked him into trying to make it home and he did. But soon crashed and slept for hours….and hours. When I tried to feed him, he just shivered and left the table…to sleep.

After a complete check-up with our family doctor, he diagnosed him with Mono. I don’t know whether to be relieved or concerned. They call it the kissing disease (and since he’s not got a sweety to smooch) and he’s smack dab in the middle of a heavy college load. I can’t help but feel a little stressed for him. I understand this dude can linger and really mess up your life as you know it. 🙁

He drove back to IU last night after having a delicious dinner (made by his sister Ally) of lasagna. {Happy Valentine’s Day to us} Now, he’s trying to bounce back and rest in order to be healthy again. Poor dude!

I’m thankful that sickness isn’t a normal part of our family. We all tend to be fairly healthy, usually. It reminds us to slow down and take it easy when it does hit us. Hopefully, the bug/flu/ick hasn’t attacked any of you. Be careful of germy people and WASH YOUR HANDS!

NOTE: This message is brought to you by a mama….sick and tired of seeing poor loved ones feel horrible! Stay healthy, people!

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