Joy Bound

I say bound…but honestly, I’m already high on happy! I’ve got big FRIDAY plans! My school BFF, Betsy and her sweet sisters are teaming up with my girls and I for a trip to Cincinnati to SEE THE PIONEER WOMAN!! Did you hear me? We’re going to stand in a crazy long line and act all giddy when we finally get up to see her. Then when we try to speak, we’ll inevidibly say something totally awkward or weird and look like freaks. Yea, that’s what we’re going to do and I can’t wait!

I finished reading her Black Heels to Tractor Wheels book this week and loved it! I also have her amazing cookbook! Girlfriend is my hero! You can’t help but love her and her sweet ranching family!

The cherry on top of my happy Friday is that my boss has issued a JEANS DAY!!! I think that opens the door for some serious yeehaw-ing!! Oh, the stuff that makes me feel excited! I love it!

Here’s to hoping your weekend is going to be just as awesome! 😉

See ya tomorrow P-Dub! I’ll be the goofy weird one with stars in her eyes.

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