Banquet Table

Some days, when I think of the depths of my unworthiness to be a child of God…..I get overwhelmed! I mean, really? Who wouldn’t? I could be anywhere, doing anything and yet God in His mercy saved me. I am so humbled and thankful.

Everytime I read the Parable of the Wedding in Matthew 22, my mind instantly goes to the many people I encounter day in and day out that want nothing to do with Christ. Not only do they miss out on earthly blessings by not accepting their “invitation”, but they ultimately give up their chance of eternity with Him. It makes my stomach hurt knowing people I care about….don’t want to follow Jesus.

I think that’s how it’s supposed to be……me, you & other fellow followers of God should hurt for the lost. It should bother us enough that we do something about it. We should KEEP INVITING them! With urgency.

Am I sharing Christ with urgency each day? The answer is, no. I’m busy, buzzing along with my own agenda. I’m compelled to make some changes in my “witness protection plan”! So, hear my warning….I’m seeking out guests for the banquet. If you’re not already a guest, I’ll be inviting you to join.

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. Jn. 14:6

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