Are you kidding?

I’m titling this post with a twinge of sarcasm because that’s just how I’m feeling about several things today. I mean, seriously? What is the world coming to? People are acting crazy! Then welcoming the world into their madness. I don’t know about you….but I could go a lifetime without seeing or knowing much of what society is spitting out at you and me (AND OUR KIDS, for that matter)!

Here’s a few to chew on:

CHARLIE SHEEN—Whaaaaa? If you need anymore explaination than me just saying his name…ask around! Dude has lost his mind! Oh and telling anyone who interviews him that HE’S A ROCKSTAR just pushes my mama buttons too far! {Jesus, take Charlie’s wheel!}

GASOLINE—I’m beyond words for this too! Who can afford to drive ANYTHING now? Let alone an SUV that holds all your punk kids. I’m so frustrated with these high prices….I’m considering purchasing my own rickshaw, only I’ll need it to hold 5 passengers! {look out hotlegs for summer}

INDIANA REPRESENTATIVES/LEGISLATORS—Let me rephrase that (DEMOCRATS that were ELECTED to DO THEIR JOBS!!). These people have left the state of Indiana because they disagree with the Republicans on several important matters. By fleeing to a state (like the nice folks of Wisconsin) they have STOPPED anything from being accomplished in our state government. {isn’t that special?}

SEYMOUR STEAK-N-SHAKE—this is completely personal, but….last night my two girls and four of their friends made special arrangements to stop and eat there on the way to the HS basketball sectional game. For some reason, S-n-S kept them waiting for over 30 minutes. It wasn’t busy (their waitress was texting) and the manager never stepped in to help out. Then when they were served their food, it was flopped all over the plate and messy and the drinks were served half full. The whole fiasco ruined their fun outing and made them late for a game that they were way early to attend. {Poor service means no tip}

BLOOD DRIVE—This too, is a little personal. My youngest was so excited to help out and donate at the school’s blood drive. The sign-up was so big that they extended to another day (Yay, I know this is a positive). Her appointment was for 1:15 (I am in a class & hubby was preaching a funeral) but I wanted to be there just in case she needed some courage. I go down about 1:30 because I know they get behind and she’s behind a long list of guys that were WALK-INS! Whaaaaa? No way! I had to leave her….. 🙁 {tacky tacky}

I know I’m not supposed to dwell on things I cannot change. I also know that I’m one of those warm-n-fuzzy people who wants the world and it’s people to be good & holy. Not realistic, I know. Still, I wish it were that way. I try to do things the right way and I have taught my kids to as well. Why can’t everyone put their best foot forward? Is that too much to ask?

If you’re shaking your head about the crazy stuff going on around you…know that you’re not alone, friend. Everyday….I’m reminded more that this world IS NOT MY HOME!!

And it’s not yours either. Aren’t you glad?

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