Get up and go!

My SSMT verse that I’m memorizing is —2 Samuel 15:22, David told one of his mighty men: “Go ahead, march on.” I’ve been so excited about it (and I know it seems rather simple to most) but it speaks volumes to me. I’ve been twisted up in sorts about my life and my family’s future for a while now.

I really want to do His will….not mine! This week has been one little thing after another reminding me–I HAVE A FUTURE!! I’m on the right course and my desires aren’t in vain. God is so cool! From my Bible verse to a song….from a post about reaching more people for Christ to an invitation to preach a funeral (my hubby, not me)….and a few other awesome things. I see God at work in my life and I feel blessed and encouraged.

Simple words with big meaning. I like what Beth Moore said about the verse in 2 Samuel….If God says go, then get up and GO! I’m ready Lord!

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