College Road Trip

If you’ve ever watched the Raven Symone movie College Road Trip, then you know how emotional searching for your daughter’s future college can be. I cry, every single time I watch it. Martin Lawrence plays the dad and he tries everything to force his little girl to attend the college HE CHOOSES! Sounds like a dad, huh?

That’s not how our trip played out. We have the choice narrowed down to two and they are in the same town, Bloomington! We took off towards B-town on Friday morning in search of answers. Both of us felt a little nervous about the whole situation (I hope that’s how everyone feels). Not only were we going to do a college tour….but Ally had a dinner date with her prospective roommates at 5pm. I can’t believe I just typed the words, roommates!?! Huh?

After our tour, we picked up Gavin from his apartment and headed for lunch. Mexican food! Yum! Then we did what everybody does on college visits….test drove Jeeps! We needed to kill time and this just happened to be what everyone wanted to do. In the rain! 🙁

We ditched the dude and headed to the roommate dateNoodles. God has such a cool way of blessing us if we just get out of the way. That’s how Ally and I felt after leaving the roommate date. All of the girls were awesome! {Thank you Lord} Now, we just wait as in wait for final details about schools.

We had a great day and met some terrific people. We even learned our way around B-town (right Ally?).

Here’s our picture before we left…..We took it ourselves, can you tell?

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