Have I told you?

About my new nook case? Yes, that’s the one I’ve been wishing for. I won it on ebay last week for $27!! Oh yea, happy dance! I knew if I waited…..good things would happen! Yay, half price for my sweet Lilly Pulitzer case!

But wait…that’s not all! Remember the rain boots? Uh-huh! I WON THOSE TOO! Thank you to Hope over at Hope’s Cafe she hosted this awesome little Nomad contest and I WON, ya’ll! Yeehaw! Free boots!

I know….it just seems craze-balls! My family has decided that I should buy a lotto ticket! I’m feeling super blessed but not quite lucky enough to win a million dollars. hehe! I would however love to win a Kitchen Aid mixer or some free ebooks…..anybody got a contest? Haha! 🙂

I don’t know if I mentioned my great BIG WIN of a year’s supply of Windex? Uhh, yea…..I have boxes stacked man high in my garage and guess what was on my porch today when I got home from school? MORE WINDEX!!! Somebody help me! I have no clue what I’m ever going to do with it all.
Mission work? Outreach? Donation? Clean crusade? Aaaaahhh!

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