Happy Birthday Ally

How do you describe the love you have for a child? It’s almost impossible! If I ever doubt God or His love for me…..a moment with my children reminds me just how much I must mean to Him. I don’t really grapple with God’s loving me…but if I lose perspective of my value to Him, being a mother certainly offers a glimpse of perfect love.

Today is the day my girl turns 18! A day that seemed so very far away not too long ago. It’s strange to even try to sum up the adventures of her life. She’s been everywhere, tried just about everything and lived in so many places. All of it with a fun sense of excitement! She’s been a challenge to wrangle into the girl God wants her to be. {She’s a clone of her stubborn DAD!} It’s Ally that I credit for making me “a real mom”. (You know, the mean ones?) She’s made me earn every speck of my “momdom”! 😉

I pray for you as you celebrate turning the big 18! It’s an exciting birthday and I know that you are facing a lifetime of living “your” life now. Before it was sorta my life you were living. Now, it’s all you. I hope that you’re prepared for all that God has in store for you. I’ve tried to raise you to follow Him no matter what and to trust Him with everything. I’m so proud of you and the beautiful young woman that you’ve turned into. God is so good to share such a rare and beautiful person with me. I don’t deserve such.
I love you,


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