Emotion Overload

The last few days have been a bungee jump of emotions! The birthday celebration mixed with busy schedules and possibly a bit of PMS have nearly wiped this old gal out! But today, I’m reeling in all that is good around me and graciously taking the time to LOVE my life!

I’m totally zinging with joy for Spring Break this next week and today being FRIDAY is like chapstick on dried out lips! It’s soothing to my heart! Me. So. Happy! 😉

I have so much to be thankful for:

1) My son has been in Panama City Beach as part of his church’s outreach all this week. Since he’s been sick for several weeks with Mono, this trip was a huge deal. He’s had a great time and has loved seeing all that God can do with flawed up humans! GO GOD!!

2) Gates is getting so much better at driving! She’s loving her time behind the wheel. I have to admit…..she reminds me so much of my cousin Lucy! Oh the laughing I have done at both of them. Funny chicks!

3) Ally enjoyed her birthday gifts! I’m so glad. Her biggest love language is gifts, so it’s always fun to do stuff for her. She really likes that she has her own checking account now and can’t wait to put some of her OWN money in it!

4) Hubby and I have had a great few days of some deep talking. It’s been a while coming and I appreciate him and his opening up to me. I love you, Honey! You are so amazing to me!

5) My sweet pup, Lizzy. She’s been so sick! Still. She’s going to love having us home all next week and I can’t wait to snuggle her up. Plus, she had a bath last night and smells so much better!

6) God. In spite of me…..you work on my behalf and my family’s everyday! Thank you, Lord!

7) Oh mylanta! I have won something else, ya’ll! I won the Gain contest going on over at another blog! More details to come!
Isn’t that awesome?

I’m signing off……

And loving my life! How about you?

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