Barn Crazy

I’ve always had this thing about barns. I want one. I imagine having a really awesome barn everytime I drive by a farm or country home. My hubby has always just indulged my dreaming. He goes along with me (like he wants one too). Smart guy! 😉

I’ve been in hundreds of barns. Fancy ones, smelly ones, old ones, brand new ones and even abandoned ones. Each of them special and unique in some way or another. Maybe that’s why I have such a crazy fascination with them…..they are limitless in their useage.

You might be wondering what I’d choose to do with MY barn….

That’s a good question. I’d like to park cool stuff in it, for sure. Like, who doesn’t dream of having fun toys? Duh! Four-wheelers, jet-skis, a boat….and of course a tractor!! Then, it would have to have a loft. I would fill that up with storage stuff! Believe me…..I could pack it to the roof. Of course we’d have parties in it too.

See all the blessings of having a barn? Maybe one of these days…..I’ll get one of my own. And when I do, you’re invited over to hang out and enjoy it!

Check out this party barn…..WOW!

Follow this link to see it’s renovation! Oh my-lanta! I’m in love!

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