I’m Skeered

I’m a grown up. What in the world could I be afraid of? I’ve spent many of my mom years trying to teach my kids not to fear things. Yet, here I stand today…..afraid of what’s ahead.

Dun dun dun!

I have a dentist appointment!

Seriously, I’m as anxious as I can possibly get. I hate going there. The last time I went (back in December) was torture. All I went in for was a stinking cleaning. It took a sweet forever. Maybe it’s because THE DENTAL CHICK TALKED ABOUT EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN!!! From the second she greeted me, she was talking…..nonstop! She literally asked me everything she could think of (personal stuff) and told me her own business.

Geez, really?

Not only was I in there for hours for the talkathon but I spent the majority of it with my head on the floor and my feet in the air. Oh how comfy! It was awful! And I’m not looking forward to going back. Matter of fact, I’ve put it off SINCE DECEMBER!!!

Another thing. Today isn’t a sissy little cleaning. I have a deep cavity to be filled in the most awful of places. Perfect. I should need a wheelchair when they are finished! 🙁

On a good note. I did take the day off from school. So far, I’ve gotten my sheets in the wash…baked some cookies and I’m heading to drag the trash to the road. Who knows…I might even run a vacuum and dust something.


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