Too Much Dust

Hubby and I have spent the ENTIRE day working in our bedroom.

We stacked stuff everywhere.

In order to chase out the world’s largest DUST BUNNIES…we had to practically move out.

Of course, we couldn’t eat in the kitchen all day.

Stuff was everywhere and it was driving me crazy.

But I knew….when we finished, it was going to be worth it all.

We even rearranged the place.  Since the day we moved in this house, we’ve slept with our heads facing that red curtained window  (see in the above picture).  It was boring and the dustbunnies under my bed were totally preparing for a takeover.  I had practically surrendered.

Now that I have a CLEAN ROOM to sleep in tonight….I’m thinking about how my heart needs a clean-out.  Life tramples over you and little by little stuff creeps in that doesn’t belong there.  Just like my dirty room my heart needs a thorough cleaning.  I’m thankful for the gentle way God speaks to me and reminds me too much dust in my heart just won’t cut it.

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