Hello, Epiphany? Is that you?

I’m minding my own business this evening when a very important “word” comes to me. What was it and who was it from? Well, it was about crummy stuff that happens in life and I believe it was delivered from Jesus.

My hubby hasn’t arrived home from work yet (it’s 9:30pm in the evening) and I’m feeling extra aggravated about it. He calls to tell me he is “FOR REAL this time” on his way home. I tease him that I’m not taking his supper out of the fridge until I ACTUALLY SEE HIS FACE and I mean it!

I have a conversation with my MIL about some life issues and we talk it out like women do. We solve nothing but we both feel better for trying to make sense of things. Life is just that way. Some people live exciting and successful lives and other’s struggle to make the rent. That’s just the way it is…

Back to my epiphany.

I’m thankful for the painful stuff I’ve experienced.

I could go on… but I won’t. I’m glad for all the ways I’ve struggled or suffered. I am me because of it. More than that, I know without a shadow of a doubt…I AM HIS! He loves me and cares about every cruddy thing that happens.

You don’t miss a thing. Every little detail of my life is important to you. Thank you for everything.

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