Royally Sick

So much to fret about this week…

A) It’s a BLUE week. Which in my life, that means M-W-F are Blue days at my high school. And Blue days are my hard days. Rough classes back-to-back all day long! They nearly kill me. {My head is pounding now and it’s 11:15pm}

B) My hubby left this morning for a conference in Chicago. He will be gone all week. I’ll miss him in every way. I love having him home (most days)! hehe

C) The rain! It is STILL RAINING! Matter of fact, most of the state is under flood warning. I’m beyond sick of it!

D) The Royal Wedding is Friday! I have a job, dear old British royals! How am I supposed to watch the whole shindig if I’m at school? Not only at school…but at a school that doesn’t have ANY television available. We can watch fuzz. And please, don’t say tune in ONLINE….everything IS BLOCKED.
{Yes, sounds like prison. Five more weeks and I’m up for parole!}

You may not feel these things are worth fretting over…..I mean, with all the serious problems our world is facing. Wars, high gas prices, Birther or not?, Glen Beck’s show cancelled…oh I could go on. You probably get it, right? It’s my fret list, ok?

I’m dedicating this to my girl Gates. Fingers crossed, princess?

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