Mama’s in a bad way

For over a week now… dear companion computer has been dead! It all started with a few flashes from dark screen to lit screen. If I moved my cable a little bit, it would brighten up or faze out. So, as you can probably guess….I gently used it at all times. I prayed that it was “just the cable” or something simple for my IT dude hubby to fix.

Then, the big senior trip. I was so psyched about having freedom “from real life” and the wi-fi on the bus and in the hotel until I tried to actually USE MY LAPTOP! Dead! Nada! Nothing happening! Hubby came over to my hotel room and tried to revive it, but no dice. It was out of commission and he had no idea what it could be.

[It is not a good thing when the IT dude says he can’t figure it out!]

I felt bummed of course but I was pretty busy on the trip….so I put it out of my mind. Until I made it back home. Again we tried to make it work. Still NOTHING! It’s just a Netbook. But it’s all I have. It’s what I’ve been typing all my mad-love-crazy posts with for the last few years. I’ve loved it, even when everyone around me cut my little pink friend down. I fought for her and challenged them to find me something better. Cough, cough….ON MY BUDGET!! 😉

Monday rolls around and I really am coming to terms with the fact that my computer is dead. I take it to work because I do not have a computer at my desk (umm, we’re not going to go there….so let’s just leave that statement alone, k?). I use it when I need to check my school email and at lunch while I eat at my desk. It keeps me from going totally insane.

But, not this week.

I’ve been miserable! Literally, I’ve even resorted to reading crummy magazines that I DO NOT LIKE!! I’m bored. But more than all that I miss MY COMPUTER!! I knew it wouldn’t last forever. I, like many of you have everything important on that stinkin computer. It’s full of pictures and stuff that I love. It wouldn’t be so darn bad if I could replace it with something a little snazzier or even of equal value. That’s out of the question. I have one kid turning 21 next week and another graduating high school.

Grow up, mama!

Oh and let me throw in one more hoopla of awesomeness for ya. My email, the one I’ve had for the last 16 years? It was hacked/stolen/highjacked/attacked by terrorists whatever you want to call it and was sending out millions of horrible killer messages all over the world. My server (whoever people) were going to SHUT ME DOWN!!! Can you blame them? Until hubby found out and went in to save the day. The cost for me….was losing my email account and address. Uhhm, it has been a pretty awful week for me and technology.

I’m “borrowing” an old laptop of my husband’s….affectionately called BIG-RIG. I’ll give you a hint, it’s gone through the gigantification factory and couldn’t possibly be something you can throw in a bag and take somewhere. This sucker is huge! Isn’t technology awesome?

I’m wondering….is it wrong for me to dream of something like this?
I said, “I was dreaming!”

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