We’re still here

For those of you who’ve been wondering about the END OF THE WORLD event taking place today…..it didn’t happen! I’m here, you’re here and as far as I know we won’t be getting any “notifications” of a departure date. At least not in any of the scripture that I’ve studied.

How about you?

Today was a beautiful day. At my house in Indiana….we jumped on a list of to-do’s that would make your head swim. I’m happy to say that our yard is mowed, the back porch rail is painted, several new pots are full of flowers, hubby’s hot car is sparkling, the sheets are crispy cleaned, the bathroom is sparkling, stinky dog is smelling sweet and we even went out to catch a movie!

Thank you God for such a productive and glorious day. I’m ready when you are…..so come on and get me! I’ll be the one with her chores completed! 🙂

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