Music is my passion

And tonight, I’ve watched back to back music shows. I’ll admit….each one left me disappointed! First, American Idol is down to two (like, who doesn’t know this right?) and from the sound of it….both of them are exhausted. Each time one of them performed, the songs were flat and they sounded like they were sung out. The vocals were struggling.

Fast forward on to Glee. Boring! I can’t think of much else to say. The whole show was total blahs-ville. I did like Lea Michelle’s moment on the stage A LA WICKED. Nice. But, really. The last show of the season went out with a dud. Boo!

Last bit of torture? The Voice. I think I like this show better than all other music show’s on right now. I have a little crush thing for Adam (don’t worry honey….he’s a little too skinny & tatted for me). The talent is wildly incredible. Tonight, however….fishing for something impressive. No one rocked my socks.

By the time I watched The Voice, I was starting to blame the lack of ear joy on my nasty sinus/throat/chest congestion gunk that’s been robbing me of tasting anything. I mean it couldn’t be all the shows stunk, could it? So, as far as I know…they all rocked the house. 😉

I’m heading to bed. As I go, I continue to pray for all the folks without homes and loved ones due to the crazy tornadoes. The spring storms have wreaked mean havoc on our USA and I’m broken-hearted. Our own Indiana state is battling the storms too. We spent the whole evening without electricity last night because of the bad storm. My area has been hit and damaged and the weather guy says more tonight and tomorrow.

Clinging tightly to my family and home! Jesus, we are all yours.

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