Tornado Watch

As awful as this is going to sound……

If these stupid tornadoes hit my community and cause school to be cancelled…..I WILL BE DOING KARATE KICKS in every direction!! Creating my own tornado damage! Grrr!

No more make-up days!

Seriously, I’m not a heartless/thoughtless person! I’m sick! Horribly sick over all the damage, loss & devastation of the terrible weather hitting our country! May God protect us, in all locations being pounded right now.

Here is a link to the damage that happened just hours ago in another county nearby. No one can escape the wrath of this weather. If you’re in it’s path….please take it seriously and head to safety.

*****U P D A T E*****

After a crazy stormy night, we woke up at 7:37am to the sound of a tree falling AND NO ELECTRICITY!!! Again!

I called into school to let them know….we’d be late and ugly (thanks to no power to wash & dry hair or do makeup). Then began the frantic run-around of figuring out what to wear that doesn’t involve ironing!

On our drive to school it was clear…..our community was damaged by the wind. Trees were down, lines down and the whole area was a mess. What a crazy time of year.

Still praying for all that are affected by this weather.

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