I became a mother 21 years ago today. I’d been dreaming of being one my whole life. I tried to picture what they’d look like and the kind of people they’d turn out to be. Today, as I reflect on my life and the family God has blessed me with….I’m amazed that I had any part in it. I’m a flawed human being. I fall short and I flub up. I speak when I should be quiet. I react when I should stay still. I wound when I’d rather love. I’m just a speck of what I should be as a follower of Christ.

I’m learning. Still.

Mothering a son is different than daughters. Girls are so serious and uptight. Boys just love life. However they can get it…..they plan to experience every little inch of it. Girls want everything to look just right. Boys aren’t just dreamers they’re do-ers. {I still have the painted garbage cans to prove it} If they can imagine it, they’re most likely going to try it. I like that about boys. They only need the basics to function and be happy. Food, shelter & affirming words go a long way with a feller.

Over the last 21 years of loving the sweetest boy in the world……I’ve fulfilled my dream of being a mama. I’ve also found that he doesn’t just need the basics. He needs me to be his mother. No one else can be that. Oh sure, someone else can play the part….but I know that all those nights I spent in that rocking chair holding him close to my heart built a forever love connection between him and me. He relies on me. He looks to me for guidance and assurance that he’s heading in the right direction. He needs to know……that I believe in him. It’s up to me to love him even when he fails.

Being an older brother automatically lands you many responsibilities. Especially if your siblings are sisters. Setting the best examples and leading with integrity just came naturally for Gavin. We love to tease about how awesome Gavin is (in my eyes) in our family. Honestly, he really is pretty fantastic. He takes things seriously (most things). Stuff comes naturally for him. He’s smart, genuinely kind and athletic to boot. He did everything early except get his baby teeth. hehe! I can still see him riding by on a bike at my aunt’s house at 4 years old WITHOUT TRAINING WHEELS! He didn’t have time to wait.

He was ready. Always ready.

I celebrate his life today. Turning 21 is a big deal to most young college dudes. It’s like a right of passage to do whatever it is a man can do. I’m thankful for the kind of son Gavin is and the person he is in Jesus Christ. He chooses to follow God. He purposes himself for the Lord and lives in a way that brings Him glory. I’m overwhelmed by that confidence & courage. Gavin is a Godly young man who seeks after the things that will bring him closer to Christ. I’m so excited for his future. There’s nothing he cannot do (with Christ) and there’s nothing he wants to do (without Christ).

He’s ready. Always ready.

Happy Birthday, Sweetboy! I love you. I believe in you. I’m proud of you. I’m always here for you.

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