Dead Trees

I’ve kept this quiet until now….but my yard has been a landmine of tree parts. It was a project that had to be done. Dead trees do not bode well in a neighborhood famous for terrible storms. Remember my power outage last week? Big trees, lots of wind and soaking wet ground delivered a lovely amount of damage. Thank you killer storm! Which leads me to my riveting post.

For the last few weeks my husband has been on a mission to take down some dead trees that were on our fence line. When I say dead trees, I mean one huge trunk with two gigantic trees sprouting out of it reaching up to the sky. Monster size, yet dead! Which makes for a dangerous situation. If they fell one way…..we’d be paying repairs for our neighbor. If they came our way…..goodbye cars, camper and whoever happens to be in our driveway/yard.

So, see our dilemma?

The problem? It’s scary hard work. What else? ADHD runs wild in my family (mainly my hubby—who was in charge of the sit-che-a-shun) and I couldn’t take the pressure of what “could happen”! So, I did what any intelligent person would do…..I went shopping! 😉

I came home and all was right with the world. Oh and the trees were down. Everywhere! Safely, I might add. Go Daddy Go! Now, in my husband’s free time…..he has to chop those suckers up and stack them nicely for winter. Yay, us!

I’m thankful no one was hurt or smooshed and I’m really glad the job is over. Now I can get on with my life and celebrate a graduation! One more day……my girl will be officially out of school! Yeehaw!

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