Fighting with emotions

It’s time for me to fess up. Everything I’ve been feeling all weekend has come to a head. Sister is about to blow. Who can blame me? Too much change for one weekend.

Life. Be still. Please.

I had no idea how much emotion would sneak in on what should have been a wonderful weekend of celebrating. It all started with my oldest turning 21. Don’t get me wrong, I’m cool with getting older…but my baby? Ouch, stinging…please stop! He’s a great young man get over it already. Trying. He inspires me to stay focused on what is most important. For him…that involves loving life and enjoying every minute. Again, trying.

Not only did he celebrate a birthday…..but he packed for another trip. This time all the way to Greenlake Wisconsin for the entire summer. I’ve actually had him home for a total of 11 days and more than 3 of them were spent somewhere else with someone other than me. Boo! He’s grown now. I’m intelligent enough to understand this. I miss having him around. But, I’m proud of who he is and what he’s doing.

On Friday night, we went out to party as a family at Key West Shrimp House in Madison. It was our chance to have fun with Ally & Gavin before they scooted off to do their own thing. After we came home (very late) Ally and I decided we wanted to bake a graduation cake and decorate it ourselves. It turned out so cute. Ally followed a picture off the internet and voila! Came up with the cutest pink rosey cake ever. She’s an artist in everyway.

I fell into bed after 1am Saturday and had to be up by 7am to get the graduate up and rolling. I whipped up some pasta dishes and other goodies for lunch before racing up to the hot gym. It is not air-conditioned in our HS gym and everyone and anyone attends graduation. Sweet! Seating is a first-come first-serve sort of thing (DON’T GET ME STARTED HERE!!!) which means people who aren’t PARENTS sit where they can see and parents end up in the rafters up top. Brilliant, eh? You’d think someone would come up with “reserved” seating for parents, huh? Naaaah! It’s always been this way! Bitter, yes! 🙁

I cheered ran downstairs so I could see to take her picture. Missed it. But I did get this one as she was returning to her chair.

I sat down on the steps (right beside her) and snapped this one too. Isn’t she beautiful?

I didn’t have time to get emotional….so I didn’t. That all came later. Way later.

By this time, we are so sweaty and miserable….smiling was all we could do.

I’m trying to be adult about the whole thing. But the tears seem to fall so easily. This is what I’ve been preparing my children to do. Grow up and leave. Why is it so tough to do? My heart feels like it’s being twisted like a washrag. Then…this on top of it all—–>

Grandparents leave. We loved having them here to visit (even with our busy lives) and miss them already. More change.

Will I ever get used to all these changes? I think I will. Right now, the emotions are too raw to see that far ahead. Pray for me. I know I’m not the only mom to face this. It’s just my turn.

Congraduations, Ally! I’m so proud of you! Class of 2011!

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