Am I Really Ready?

I know I’m not so good at hiding how I feel. I’m an open book, dangit! When it comes to my kids I really go overboard with my “protecting” them. Like, I have some sort of super powers (which I don’t!) and can keep bad things from happening to them. Ok, I’m a worrywart!

Tonight is a big night for Ally. She opted out of having a huge graduation party for something a little more sophisticated. She wanted to go to dinner in Indy with her BFF gang WITHOUT ANY PARENTS!! Huh? Whaaaa? Well, that’s what I said anyway. 😉 She loves the flashy city lights and the pushy hub-bub of action going on downtown…..and PF Changs! I can’t blame her, so do I.

My issue isn’t that she’s some sort of baby still….it’s the crazy FRIDAY TRAFFIC. It’s not something that she’s used to and everyone knows how amped up Friday’s are, right? People are hurrying and rushing to get wherever it is they want to go. Not only does she have to maneuver busy interstate changes but she has to go pick up another friend in an unfamiliar area of Indianapolis! Gee whiz, the stress!

I’m seriously worried. {Remember, I’m leaving at the same time she is and heading in the opposite direction to Louisville, KY for Deeper Still}

So, tell me…will I ever get used to this sort of thing? Did my own mother suffer with this worry? If she did, I’m sorry Mom! Really.

Mom letting go

Oh and last night she came into hug me after her dad went over the directions with her…..and said I could trust her. I said, “I don’t trust you…but I trust Jesus!”. So, as we part ways today I’ll be reminding my heart that God has this. And that’s how I like it anyway.

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