I was right where I was supposed to be this weekend. Deeper Still was just what the Lord ordered (for me and 7999 other women). I’d not had plans to go, matter of fact….I hadn’t even looked up the conference schedule to know they’d be near me. But God in His OhSoCool ways was at work on my behalf without me knowing.

{Thank you God}

Last week my MIL called my hubby and told him to let me know LPM had tickets available on the blog for the Deeper Still conference in Louisville. I sighed and said, “Those tickets are long gone and besides where would I stay and Who would I go with?”. To which hubby replied, “Yea, maybe so. But it’s worth a shot!”. So, I called and left a message then forgot about it.

Later that day…..Kimberly called from Texas and told me there was a ticket for me (if I needed it). I hesitated then agreed, I need it. After I hung up I worried that I’d just taken a ticket that I couldn’t really use. I told my husband that I was excited but sad that none of my besties could go with me. A trip like this is super fun with your favorite friends/sisters. I decided not to fret and worry. God had a plan for me and it would all work out.

I noticed on the LPM blog many others leaving messages about going to the conference. Some of them with groups and a few alone. I left a comment too and next thing I know…..I hear from another person going alone. She was coming from Nashville and was sure that God wanted her there too. We agreed to meet up at FREEDOM HALL before the event began and the rest is history!

Meet Kristen.

Seriously, what a great way to spend the weekend. Making a new friend and worshipping with 8000 other people. Sitting at the feet of great Bible teachers like Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer and Kay Arthur were the ultimate bonus. Each speaker had something JUST FOR ME! It was refreshing!

Some things that boosted my heart this weekend–

+ Learning (once again) that God has sweet blessings for me if I’ll just let Him work.
+ Finding a sweet friend in Kristen.
+ To clean out and get rid of “stuff”.
+ Focus on what is MOST important and relish the interruptions.
+ Never question if God loves me. Seriously, who does that?
+ To love my generational position and to honor the others.
+ That I need to get back to the nitty-gritty of my ministry. Period!

I was in love with the hair of the lady sitting “innocently” in front of me (top left photo). Notice the sweet cut? I just wish you could see the gorgeous color of red that it was. Unreal. Girlfriend is beautiful!

*Thank you MIL for the ticket tip! I’ve had a wonderful weekend.
**Thank you Kristen for sharing your hotel & toothpaste with me. But most of all your sweet friendship this weekend. I had a great time talking and sharing the conference with you. I feel blessed!

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