I’m Busy

At least that’s what I say everytime my husband asks what I’m doing. It’s my new motto. You know, the summer days are just so wonderful and it’s not hard for me to remember how I longed for the freedom to “lounge” around all day. So, I’m spending a ton of my time…..just hanging around doing a bunch of nothin! 🙂

My freedom is so limited. Summer break can fly by in a flash. I don’t want to miss any chances to just lay around and do nothing. I’m starting to get a little nervous though. I’ve caught myself eating “extra” throughout the day. What I mean by that is….usually I eat one eggroll, yesterday–I ate two! Gasp! As soon as I took the bite of the next one, I hated it with a passion. To be honest, I love eggrolls. It just hit me that next on my list was the evening news of the fire department loading me (BY CRANE) into a special vehicle to take me and all my obesity to the hospital for bedsores!

Call me crazy…..cause I am, ya’ll!

I vowed to me (and I was serious) that I was going to get up off my duff and exercise. Period. The end, dangit! I haven’t gotten to it yet, but I have had a shower and put on some makeup today. In my defense, I had to finish a book on my nook that I had from the local library. Jeannie Out Of The Bottle by Barbara Eden. I loved it. I grew up in the days of I Dream of Jeannie playing everyday on tv (it was my favorite show). I’ve always been a big fan and she didn’t let me down with her sweet story. She is quite a lady and the world needs more of her class.

I’ve just ordered a couple more books to occupy my time. Ya know, cause I’m so busy! 😉

How about you–are you blasting through your summer staying busy? Or are you like me, savoring every little lazy moment? Whichever it is, enjoy it. I sure am!

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