I had plans

I woke up with great intentions today. I planned to do stuff that I normally put off until I can’t stand it anymore. Stuff like–change the sheets on my bed, wash the stinky dog, pay some bills and read. However, like every morning this week I awoke to a strange stomach thingy that has bugged me all day. Do not ask what it is, because I can’t tell you. It’s pain, discomfort and then gripping blah! Who knows why I’m having it? It’s just messing up my good plans and I don’t like it.

As I type, my clean sheets are waiting for me to rescue them from the dryer and lovingly place them back on my bed (where I’d like to go and curl up right now and *beller). Can’t do it! Feeling way too icky. The stank dog is at my feet sweetly dreaming of how happy she is to be the stinky girl. The bills are sitting here too……where I’m dreaming of paying them without so much as a wince in thoughts of my scrawny budget. Some day, right? 😉

The sun is shining today and it’s actually cool outside. I went out to sniff it out in hopes of a miracle cure for the stomach situation. No luck. But I did see my neighbors little dog out (named Sadie) and giggled as she got all hyped up when my Lizzy dog wandered over near her. Dogs are so funny! I could be a professional dog watcher. No joke!

My people are not sleeping right at my house. They stay up way too late and then want to sleep the day away. What is it about teenagers that make you so tired? I’m exhausted just observing their lives. Crazy.

Both my girls want to go see Owl City next week in Indy. They’ve devised a plan that includes their dad and I driving them up and dropping them off while we enjoy an evening “out”. Still thinking on this one.

Oh what am I waiting for? I have to get moving. Those sheets…….they need my help.

*beller–where I come from, that’s what we say about a noisy cow. “She’s bellerin for her baby!” {I know sounds totally bumpkin}

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