You will never catch me…

–With a tattoo
–Wearing any type of Doc Marten shoes
–Smoking (anything)
–Eating a beet or a radish (oooh shiver)
–Sunbathing at a nude beach
–On a date with anyone but my husband
–Saying I don’t love Jesus
–Driving a stolen car (possibly a golfcart)
–Disowning one of my kids
–Voting Democrat

I’m snobby! I admit it. My friend Betsy loves to point out all that I am a snob to. We laugh about it usually. But I’m sure to many who deal with me on a normal basis…..the desire to bonk me one is huge. I can’t help it. I’m just wired like this. Anal, annoying and obnoxiously opinionated!

I was just reading a great article on a nun who at the age of 80 was still participating in Tri-athalons. Yes, you read that right…8 0 !! Shocking, isn’t it? At the end of her interview she said, “It’s not about me….it’s about what God CAN DO through me!”. It brought me right back to me and all my weird quirkiness.

It’s not all about me. I’m just who God created me to be. Picky and headstrong about things that matter to me. If you want a tattoo, by all means go get one. Eat beets and radishes too (heck, have mine). I won’t judge. I don’t recommend stealing anyone’s car or picking up smoking. But if you’re not like me….I’m choosing to love you anyway. Just like I’d hope you would me.

Help me to be more like you. Show me your love and how to share it with others. Thank you for reminding me–it’s not all about me.

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