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I’m crazy about ICED COFFEE! It’s not something I ever felt I could make at home. I tried. I failed. As I’ve experienced, you can’t just brew up some coffee and let it get cold to whip up your conconction. NOPE. Doesn’t work like that.

It’s a special procedure and a few weeks ago Ree my favorite Pioneer Woman posted her recipe for Perfect Iced Coffee. I nearly screamed from excitement. I knew if this chick was posting it and drinking it….it was legit! I’m unashamedly admitting that since that post, I’ve been dreaming of making my own brew!

Problem? I’ve been out of DECAF coffee. {Don’t laugh! I’m caffeine sensitive!}

That’s history now, though. Yesterday, I had a chance to do a little coffee shopping with Ally. She’s trying to find a job and I agreed to drag drive her all over Columbus to pick up job applications. By the time we made it to Target, girlfriend was discouraged. Job(hunting) can rob you of all your dignity, especially if it’s your FIRST JOB EVER.

Anyway, back to my new fascination. Iced coffee. As I type, I’m slurping on my first (ok, 2nd) glass of coffee nectar heaven. It is better…..waaaaay better than any McDonald’s iced coffee! This tastes so good, I may never ever “buy” an iced coffee anywhere! I’m. in. love.

The only downside is the process takes a lot of time. The coffee sitting in cold water overnight wasn’t the problem. It’s the straining it into your dispenser that sucks up your freetime. I’ve been doing this since around 11am and it’s almost 1:30pm now with still quite a bit of coffee to strain. The smell is strong and amazing. Why have I never heard of cold brewing?

I’m going to be a fatso by the end of the summer! This stuff is that good. Oh and did I mention I’m not a coffee drinker? Really! I will, once in a while have some. But I do not crave coffee. It may have something to do with the horrible affinity to get crazy from caffeine or the awful stomach ache it gives me. Whichever, I avoid it more than indulge it. This process is supposed to make the coffee less acidic and easier on the tummy.
[I’ll let you know if that’s the case]

Here’s my little system.

One more thing. While I was reading over the comments on Ree’s I.C. post I found quite a few people who raved about The Toddy. Have you heard of it? I think I want it. But if it does what I’ve been doing all morning……I doubt I need it for $37 bucks!

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