Clean House

I really like it when my house is clean. Who doesn’t, right? It’s not like I’m some sort of slob or anything. But people live in my house. ADHD people and me (the lady with Fibromyalgia). Things pile up, dust settles, spiders (eww) sneak in, shoes lay around, computer parts & screws get left everywhere (grrrr) and the laundry room–OMGee! Face it, junk life happens.

Nothing makes you want to pick up and spruce things more than knowing someone’s coming to visit. That is my inspiration today. {What, you didn’t think I’m over here cleaning up all day long did you?} Our good friend from seminary days, Stephany is stopping in for a visit. She’s on her way to Illinois and we’re a good stopping place between her house and there. Yay, us! I know she wouldn’t mind if my house is messy. She’s actually LIVED with us before. She knows us. Really well. 😉

I managed to do some things I’ve been meaning to do. Move a few pieces of furniture. Swipe down dust bunnies and spiderwebs. Even clean windows! Wow, it looks good! As I surveyed my work…..that’s what I said to myself. Actually I said….


Don’t you?

Oh and I even have dinner ready to go in the oven. Funny how being hospitable can light a fire under you, huh?

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